LC Environnement gestion des matières résiduelles
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Who we are

LC Environment, founded by Luc Lévesque, is a symbol of innovation, ingenuity and sustainable development. The company works with many different European and Canadian businesses, in order to allow them to re-use their residual materials in a profitable and environmentally friendly way.

By developing partnerships between different companies in widely varied lines of business, we identify the materials that can be reused and resold. In this way, what would have otherwise been thrown away can become profitable. For example, a retail chain can dispose of large quantities of cardboard packaging, plastic and styrofoam that will be used by manufacturing companies. The residual materials of one become the raw materials of another. What a great example of the environmental sector!

Our equipment can allow you to recycle cardboard, styrofoam, plastic (rigid or film) and non-ferrous metals.

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